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Giving for the Greater Good

In 2017, over $410 billion were awarded to non-profit organizations.  These figures are expected to increase in 2018.  The non-profit sector has grown with support from a number of funding sources.  These include individuals, foundations, corporate funders, as well as state and federal sources.  At Mission Guided Grants, our mission is to bridge the gap between non-profits and funding sources in order to serve the constituents who are the core of our work.

Services for Non-Profit start ups

Congratulations!  You decided to start your first non-profit and are on your way to changing the world.  We can help with your 501(c)3 application to get you started!  After approval of your State and Federal tax exemption applications, you can focus on your core mission.  Grants can be an excellent addition to your fundraising strategy.  Not only can you attain funds for programs and growth, but grants can also help you build community awareness and support for your cause.  Let us do your grant writing for you and help you get the funds you need.

Services for Established Non-Profits

Thank you for the service your non-profit has provided to the community! Your constituents rely on you and need your continued support.  Now you have an opportunity to expand and offer more programs.  But, that takes funding.  So when you are creating a fundraising plan include grants as valuable tool.  Grants allow you to obtain financial resources and at the same time build a network within your community.  You can continue making your non-profit a force for good, while we help you win the grants that you need to succeed and grow!


Moorestown Township Public Schools

"We cannot say enough positive things about Usha's diligence, professionalism, and expertise in collecting information, developing an action plan, and successfully writing and submitting our grants"

"Any school district or public entity would be fortunate to partner with you!"

Dr. Scott McCartney

Superintendent, Moorestown Township Public Schools

Heroic Gardens

"Working with Usha, I was able to submit the paperwork and obtain 501(c)3 approval all within a month!"

"Usha is patient and helpful - a tremendous resource for anyone who is considering starting a nonprofit.  Her ability to source experts (finance, legal etc) is outstanding"

"Her caring manner towards the organization and my ideas are authentic. I feel like I have a team member in my corner"

"As I move forward with the organization, I will continue my partnership with her" 

"Thank you, Usha, for helping me make this dream a reality!"

Collie Turner, Founder Heroic Gardens

Montessori Internationale

"Usha was an active parent who always enthusiastically participated in school events"

"Usha assisted us with the writing of three significant grant proposals and was elected to our Board of Directors.  She has proven to be very active, responsible, trustworthy, and professional in this role"

Director, Joanne Hirch

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My Blog

Hello!  Welcome to the  Mission Guided Grants blog.  Just recently, giving statistics from 2017 were released and they did not disappoint.  The data shows that $410.02 billion were given to charitable causes in 2017.  This is a 5% increase from $390 billion in 2016.  It is good to see that the nonprofit industry which serves so many is again on the rise!

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